2020 6TH TRAIL – Cancellation 

As you may remember our 2019 race was cancelled due ‘Storm Gareth’ and ‘Storm Helen’ and all entries deferred to 2020.

We have been closely monitoring the situation surrounding the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) outbreak, aligning our response to the government action plan, whilst making preparations for the likely next steps.

Whilst to-date the UK Government has advised that sporting events should take place as normal, we are also aware that the Government is considering banning major public events.

No race director wants to think about having to cancel a race. Therefore after further discussions with Portmeirion & Welsh/UK Athletics Referre for 2020 race, it’s sad for us to notify you all, that the 6th Trail March 28th 2020 has been cancelled. A decision had to be made today in fairness to runners and also the unknown current situation regarding COVID-19. 

Safety comes first for runners, marshals and also we have to respect the location of the event, that’s been very supportive with us from the start of 6th Trail races back in 2014.

Therefore in fairness we as organisers will refund all entries, deffered and new entries, all. We will be working closely with TDL Events Services. We will offer a 100% refund to all runners entered. It’s heart breaking to send this mailshot information. Cancelling once is awful but cancelling 2nd time running. So, so, sorry. We will be sending out information of new date on the 6th trail mailshot aswell as social media. Next year or wait and have a break till 2022.

Our thoughts remain with those directly affected by COVID-19 and the family and friends of those who have sadly passed away. We thank you for your understanding and patience at this difficult time.

May I take this opportunity as 6th trail, to apologise for any inconvenience caused with the cancellation of the event, “safety comes first”. 

Diolch / Thank you 

Stay Safe

Stephen Edwards