Online ENTRIES go live for 2015 Race

To all of the 230+ runners who ran this first ever trail race in Portmeirion last year and many new runners that have shown interest in the race next year in Portmeirion – 6th trail. On Saturday, 6th September, 2014, the ONLINE Entries go LIVE for your chance to compete in next years race. Set yourself a challenge and get BACK into running.

The trail run / race will be competitive for some and they will have to choose their time to pass fellow runners on route, but the main objective of the race / run is to get new runners into trail running, and for new runners to get confident in themselves to compete in runners and aim higher and further in distance.

2013 RACE – x 230 entries and 180 were women, it could be called a womens race and why not………

You can leave your email address for future information and newsletter from 6th trail. 

Remember Entries go LIVE, Saturday 6th September, during Festival No.6 at Portmeirion, also remember to book your accommodation.


By all means please get in touch if you have any questions or look at the updates on twitter (@6thtrail) and facebook pages

Looking forward to see you all in Portmeirion in April

Diolch – Thank you

Stephen Edwards
6th Trail Organiser